Our Field of Activities

Rubber Marketing:
In 1997 MMCS began to provide proper rubber marketing to liberate local rubber growers from the clutches of moneylenders and middlemen, and it continues to be the core of our activities. At present we provide Rs.2 less than Kerala rubber market by avoiding various levels of middlemen. The Society purchases rubber not only from East Garo Hills, but also South and West Garo Hills. Besides that, we provide the rubber tapping and processing materials such as acid, aluminum dishes, tapping knives, cups and other farm inputs at a cheaper rate as these are not available in Garo Hills. Over the past years, the rubber growers have improved their economic condition remarkably.

Providing essential commodities:
The Society began a consumer shop, as price of the essential commodities were very high in the market. Most of the household items are sold at a cheaper price than the market. We provide consumer goods, clothes, foot wears, stationeries, crockery, plastic goods, kerosene, aluminum goods, cosmetics and text books. It is greatly appreciated by the general public as they can save some money on marketing.

Thrift Saving:
In order to encourage saving habits of the people as well as to avoid moneylenders, thrift saving scheme was started in 1998 for the members. It has helped people to become self-reliable and self sustainable, and brought about the desired improvement in living condition. At present the thrift deposit from the members have gone up to about Rs. 37,00,000.

In 2006, the Society purchased 20 bighas of land in Jampara and Salpara villages of Mendipathar for various purposes such as poultry,dairy development, and rubber nursery. In 2007, we started a joint project of Anthurium flower garden with technical collaboration from the state horticultural department.

in 2004. Kuroiler and colour broiler chickens are bought for rearing to be sold out to the people and SHGs The demand is so great that we have expanded it to a larger scale.

Rubber nursery:
There is a growing demand for budded stumps. To meet the demand of the farmers, we started a rubber nursery to provide for the rubber growers hybrid budded rubber stumps that are more suitable for the climate of Garo Hills.

Dairy Development:
In 2008, with an aspiration to become a model dairy farm for SHGs, other Co-operatives, and individuals, we started dairy farm to meet the need of great demand for milk in the area.NABARD and Meghalaya Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd. provided Rs. 2,70,000 and Rs. 3,00,000 as loan respectively

Other activities

We are at service for the local people through photo copy (Xerox), lamination, color passport photography, atta chacki / rice mill, in our main office compound. Also, we rent the community hall, plastic chairs, water pomp, vehicle and power tiller at a reasonable rate.

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