About Us

Why Mendipathar Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd. started?

In East Garo Hills, people have been exploited by the businessmen and moneylenders due to the lack of a proper marketing system. They do not get a fair and reasonable price for their farm produce. They often have to sell their farm produce in advance to those people so that they get cash in their hands for their livelihood or at the time of sickness. Therefore they get only ¼ of the actual price for their farm produce at the time of harvest. The improvement in human living condition is possible through a proper marketing system and empowerment of people at the grassroots level. In December 1998, MMCS was started to liberate marginal farmers from the clutches of the middleman and moneylenders. The work of the Society has ushered silent economic revolution in the Garo Hills and has changed the lives of poverty stricken Garos who had been always at the receiving end. We believe that market system is the key to economic development and progress.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring life to its fullness where every person has equal opportunities to live with dignity and self-respect.

Goals of the Society:

» To help people to become self reliant through economic developments and by providing market linkages for their agricultural produce especially of the marginal small farmers.
» To empower people through Information, education, skills training and knowledge.
» To network with other NGOs and the Government at local, regional, and national level.
» To promote health, nutrition and sanitation.
» To be a catalyst to create awareness regarding the ecological crisis and the need for environmental protection and the urgency to respond.

Objectives of the Society:

» To supply provisional goods, clothes, kerosene, etc at a reasonable rate especially to the poor and the marginal farmers.
» To encourage thrift savings, Self Help Groups based on the co-operative principles.
» To supply farm inputs for rubber tapping and processing, and lending of power tiller, water pump and other equipments to facilitate agriculture and farming.
» To impart technical guidance to the farmers/the members of the Society by conducting trainings, workshops, arranging field visits and exhibitions.
» To conduct animation programmes on social analysis, women empowerment as well as life guidance and technical assistance to the people.
» To work in collaboration with the Government to implement various programmes such as CLTS (community lead total Sanitation), NREGS, etc.
» To encourage people organic farming, use of bio-gas, planting trees and conscious use of water, electricity, etc.
» To provide education on health, prevention of malaria and HIV/AIDS, and drinking habit.

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